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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 21, Number 2, June10 2016 , pages 289-302

Experimental study on shear performance of partially precast Castellated Steel Reinforced Concrete (CPSRC) beams
Yong Yang, Yunlong Yu, Yuxiang Guo, Charles W. Roeder, Yicong Xue and Yongjian Shao

    A new kind of partially precast or prefabricated castellated steel reinforced concrete beam, which is abbreviated here as CPSRC beam, was presented and introduced in this paper. This kind of CPSRC beam is composed of a precast outer-part and a cast-in-place inner-part. The precast outer-part is composed of an encased castellated steel shape, reinforcement bars and high performance concrete. The cast-in-place inner-part is made of common strength concrete, and is casted with the floor slabs simultaneously. In order to investigate the shear performance of the CPSRC beam, experiments of six CPSRC T-beam specimens, together with experiments of one cast-in-place SRC control T-beam specimen were conducted. All the specimens were subjected to sagging bending moment (or positive moment). In the tests, the influence of casting different strength of concrete in the cross section on the shear performance of the PPSRC beam was firstly emphasized, and the effect of the shear span-to-depth ratio on that were also especially taken into account too. During the tests, the shear force-deflection curves were recorded, while the strains of concrete, the steel shapes as well as the reinforcement stirrups at the shear zone of the specimens were also measured, and the crack propagation pattern together with the failure pattern was as well observed in detail. Based on the test results, the shear failure mechanism was clearly revealed, and the effect of the concrete strength and shear span-to-depth ratios were investigated. The shear capacity of such kind of CPSRC was furthermore discussed, and the influences of the holes on the steel shape on the shear performance were particularly analyzed.
Key Words
    steel reinforced concrete structure; precast steel reinforced concrete beam; castellated steel shape; shear performance; shear capacity; experimental study
(1) Yong Yang, Yunlong Yu, Yuxiang Guo, Yicong Xue:
School of Civil Engineering, Xi'an University of Architecture & Technology, Xi'an, Shannxi 710055,China;
(2) Yongjian Shao:
Suzhou University of Science & Technology, Suzhou, Jiangsu 215009, China;
(3) Charles W. Roeder:
Civil and Environmental Department, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98115, USA.

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