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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 21, Number 2, June10 2016 , pages 267-287

Experimental study on shear capacity of SRC joints with different arrangement and sizes of cross-shaped steel in column
Qiuwei Wang, Qingxuan Shi and Hehe Tian

    The seismic performance of the ordinary steel reinforced concrete (SRC) columns has no significant improvement compared to the reinforced concrete (RC) columns mainly because I, H or core cross-shaped steel cannot provide sufficient confinement for core concrete. Two improved SRC columns by constructing with new-type shaped steel were put forward on this background, and they were named as enlarging cross-shaped steel and diagonal cross-shaped steel for short. The seismic behavior and carrying capacity of new-type SRC columns have been researched theoretically and experimentally, while the shear behavior remains unclear when the new-type columns are joined onto SRC beams. This paper presents an experimental study to investigate the shear capacity of new-type SRC joints. For this purpose, four new-type and one ordinary SRC joints under low reversed cyclic loading were tested, and the failure patterns, load-displacement hysteretic curves, joint shear deformation and steel strain were also observed. The ultimate shear force of joint specimens was calculated according to the beam-end counterforce, and effects of steel shape, load angel and structural measures on shear capacity of joints were analyzed. The test results indicate that: (1) the new-type SRC joints display shear failure pattern and has higher shear capacity than the ordinary one; (2) the oblique specimens have good bearing capacity if designed reasonably; and (3) the two proposed construction measures have little effect on the shear capacity of SRC joints embedded with diagonal cross-shaped steel. Based on the mechanism observed from the test, the formulas for calculating ultimate shear capacity considering the main factors (steel web, stirrup and axial compression ratio) were derived, and the calculated results agreed well with the experimental and simulated data.
Key Words
    steel reinforced concrete (SRC); beam-column joint; cross-shaped steel; quasi-static test; shear capacity
College of Civil Engineering, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, Xi'an, P.R. China.

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