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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 20, Number 3, February29 2016, pages 501-512
Three-dimensional finite element simulation and application of high-strength bolts
Liji Long, Yongsong Yan, Xinlin Gao and Haigui Kang

Abstract     [Full Text]
    High-strength structural bolts have been utilized for beam-to-column connections in steel-framed structural buildings. Failure of these components may be caused by the bolt shank fracture or threads stripping-off, documented in the literature. Furthermore, these structural bolts are galvanized for corrosion resistance or quenched-and-tempered in the manufacturing process. This paper adopted the finite element simulation to demonstrate discrete mechanical performance for these bolts under tensile loading conditions, the coated and uncoated numerical model has been built up for two numerical integration methods: explicit and implicit. Experimental testing and numerical methods can fully approach the failure mechanism of these bolts and their ultimate load capacities. Comparison has also been conducted for two numerical integration methods, demonstrating that the explicit integration procedure is also suitable for solving quasi-static problems. Furthermore, by using precise bolt models in T-Stub, more accurately simulate the mechanical behavior of T-Stub, which will lay the foundation of the mechanical properties of steel bolted joints.
Key Words
    high-strength bolts; connections; thread stripping; finite element simulation
(1) Liji Long:
Faculty of Infrastructure Engineering Dalian University of Technology, China;
(2) Yongsong Yan:
College of materials science and engineering chongqing university, China;
(3) Xinlin Gao:
China Communications 2nd Navigational Bureau 2nd Engineering Co., Ltd, China;
(4) Haigui Kang:
Southwestern Hydro Engineering Research Institute For Water Way, National Engineering Technology Research Center for Inland Waterway Regulation, China.

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