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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 2, Number 3, June 2002 , pages 223-236

Natural frequencies and mode shapes of thin-walled members with shell type cross section
M. Ohga, T. Shigematsu and T. Hara

    An analytical procedure based on the transfer matrix method to estimate not only the naturalrnfrequencies but also vibration mode shapes of the thin-walled members composed of interconnectedrncylindrical shell panels is presented. The transfer matrix is derived from the differential equations for therncylindrical shell panels. The point matrix relating the state vectors between consecutive shell panels are usedrnto allow the transfer procedures over the cross section of the members. As a result, the interactions betweenrnthe shell panels of the cross sections of the members can be considered. Although the transfer matrix methodrnis naturally a solution procedure for the one-dimensional problems, this method is well applied to thin-walledrnmembers by introducing the trigonometric series into the governing equations of the problem. The naturalrnfrequencies and vibration mode shapes of the thin-walled members composed of number of interconnectedrncylindrical shell panels are observed in this analysis. In addition, the effects of the number of shell panels onrnthe natural frequencies and vibration mode shapes are also examined.rn
Key Words
    natural frequency; mode shape; thin-walled member; cylindrical shell panel; transfer matrix
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Ehime University,rnMatsuyama 790-8577, JapanrnProfessor, Tokuyama Technical College, Tokuyama 745-8585, Japan

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