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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 19, Number 6, December 2015, pages 1467-1481

Development of new predictive analysis in the orthogonal metal cutting process by utilization of Oxley's machining theory
Abdelkader Karas, Mohamed Bouzit, Mustapha Belarbi and Redha Mazouzi

    This paper presents a contribution to improving an analytical thermo-mechanical modeling of Oxley's machining theory of orthogonal metals cutting, which objective is the prediction of the cutting forces, the average stresses, temperatures and the geometric quantities in primary and secondary shear zones. These parameters will then be injected into the developed model of Karas et al. (2013) to predict temperature distributions at the tool-chip-workpiece interface. The amendment to Oxley's modified model is the reduction of the estimation of time-related variables cutting process such as cutting forces, temperatures in primary and secondary shear zones and geometric variables by the introduction the constitutive equation of Johnson-Cook model. The model-modified validation is performed by comparing some experimental results with the predictions for machining of 0.38% carbon steel.
Key Words
    orthogonal metals cutting; Oxley's theory; analytical modeling; Johnson-Cook model; temperature distributions
(1) Abdelkader Karas, Redha Mazouzi:
Khemis Miliana University, FIMA Laboratory, 44225, Algeria;
(2) Mohamed Bouzit:
Laboratory of Applied Mechanics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering USTO-MB, Oran, Algeria;
(3) Abdelkader Karas, Mustapha Belarbi:
University of Tiaret, Faculty of Sciences Appliquées, Algeria.

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