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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 19, Number 2, August 2015 , pages 277-292

Hysteretic performance of SPSWs with trapezoidally horizontal corrugated web-plates
Hamed Kalali, Mohammad Hajsadeghi, Tadeh Zirakian and Farshid J. Alaee

    Previous research has shown that steel plate shear walls (SPSWs) are efficient lateral force-resisting systems against both wind and seismic loads. A properly designed SPSW can have high initial stiffness, strength, and energy absorption capacity as well as superior ductility. SPSWs have been commonly designed with unstiffened and stiffened infill plates based on economical and performance considerations. Recent introduction and application of corrugated plates with advantageous structural features has motivated the researchers to consider the employment of such elements in stiffened SPSWs with the aim of lowering the high construction cost of such high-performing systems. On this basis, this paper presents results from a numerical investigation of the hysteretic performance of SPSWs with trapezoidally corrugated infill plates. Finite element cyclic analyses are conducted on a series of flat- and corrugated-web SPSWs to examine the effects of web-plate thickness, corrugation angle, and number of corrugation half-waves on the hysteretic performance of such structural systems. Results of the parametric studies are indicative of effectiveness of increasing of the three aforementioned web-plate geometrical and corrugation parameters in improving the cyclic response and energy absorption capacity of SPSWs with trapezoidally corrugated infill plates. Increasing of the web-plate thickness and number of corrugation half-waves are found to be the most and the least effective in adjusting the hysteretic performance of such promising lateral force-resisting systems, respectively. Findings of this study also show that optimal selection of the web-plate thickness, corrugation angle, and number of corrugation half-waves along with proper design of the boundary frame members can result in high stiffness, strength, and cyclic performances of such corrugated-web SPSWs.
Key Words
    steel plate shear wall; trapezoidally corrugated web-plate; numerical simulation; cyclic behavior; energy dissipation capacity
(1) Hamed Kalali, Farshid J. Alaee:
Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering, University of Shahrood, Shahrood, Iran;
(2) Mohammad Hajsadeghi:
School of Engineering Sciences, University of Liverpool, Liverpool L69 3BX, UK; and Civil Engineering Department, Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, China;
(3) Tadeh Zirakian:
Department of Civil Engineering and Construction Management, California State University, Northridge, CA, USA.

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