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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 18, Number 1, January 2015 , pages 121-134

Potentials of elastic seismic design of twisted high-rise steel diagrid frames
Seonwoong Kim and Kyungkoo Lee

    This paper is to investigate the potentials of the elastic seismic design of twisted high-rise steel diagrid frame buildings in the strong wind and moderate/low seismicity regions. First, the prototypes of high-rise steel diagrid frames with architectural plans that have a twist angle of 0 (regular-shaped), 1, and 2 degrees were designed to resist wind. Then, the effects of the twist angle on the estimated quantities and structural redundancies of the diagrid frames were examined. Second, the seismic performance of the wind-designed prototype buildings under a low seismicity was evaluated. The response spectrum analysis was conducted for the service level earthquake (SLE) having 43-year return period and the maximum considered earthquake (MCE) having 2475-year return period. The evaluation resulted that the twisted high-rise steel diagrid frames resisted the service level earthquake elastically and most of their diagrid members remained elastic even under the maximum considered earthquake.
Key Words
    high-rise steel diagrid frames; twist angle; quantities; redundancy; seismic performance; elastic seismic design
(1) Seonwoong Kim:
Department of Architecture and Plant Engineering, Youngsan University, Yangsan, Kyungnam, South Korea;
(2) Kyungkoo Lee:
Department of Architectural Engineering, Dankook University, Yongin, Kyounggi, South Korea.

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