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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 17, Number 6, December 2014, pages 791-801
Study on anchorage effect on fractured rock
Jing Wang, Shu-Cai Li, Li-Ping Li, Weishen Zhu, Qian-Qing Zhang and Shu-Guang Song

Abstract     [Full Text]
    The effects of anchor on fractured specimens in splitting test are simulated by DDARF method, the results of which are compared with laboratory test results. They agree well with each other. The paper contents also use the laboratory model test. The main research objects are three kinds of specimens, namely intact specimens, jointed specimens and anchored-jointed specimens. The results showed that with the joint angle increased, the weakening effects of jointed rock mass are more obvious. At these points, the rock bolts' strengthening effects on the specimens have become more significant. There is a significant impact on the failure modes of rock mass by the joint and the anchorage.
Key Words
    crack propagation; discontinuous deformation analysis for rock failure; jointed rock mass; random joints; anchored-fractured specimen; anchored rock mass; laboratory experiment
(1) Jing Wang, Shu-Cai Li, Li-Ping Li, Weishen Zhu, Qian-Qing Zhang, Shu-Guang Song:
Geotechnical and Structural Engineering Research Center, Shandong University, No.17923, Jingshi Road, Jinan, 250061, P.R. China;
(2) Jing Wang, Li-Ping Li:
Key Laboratory of Coal Resources Exploration and Comprehensive Utilization, Ministry of Land and Resources, P.R. China.

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