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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 17, Number 5, November 2014, pages 641-665
Analytical solutions for bending of transversely or axially FG nonlocal beams
Ngoc-Tuan Nguyen, Nam-Il Kim and Jaehong Lee

Abstract     [Full Text]
    This paper presents the analytical solutions for the size-dependent static analysis of the functionally graded (FG) beams with various boundary conditions based on the nonlocal continuum model. The nonlocal behavior is described by the differential constitutive model of Eringen, which enables to this model to become effective in the analysis and design of nanostructures. The elastic modulus of beam is assumed to vary through the thickness or longitudinal directions according to the power law. The governing equations are derived by using the nonlocal continuum theory incorporated with Euler-Bernoulli beam theory. The explicit solutions are derived for the static behavior of the transversely or axially FG beams with various boundary conditions. The verification of the model is obtained by comparing the current results with previously published works and a good agreement is observed. Numerical results are presented to show the significance of the nonlocal effect, the material distribution profile, the boundary conditions, and the length of beams on the bending behavior of nonlocal FG beams.
Key Words
    functionally graded beam; nonlocal theory; analytical solution; power series method
Department of Architectural Engineering, Sejong University, 98 Kunja Dong, Kwangjin Ku, Seoul 143-747, Republic of Korea.

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