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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 17, Number 3, September 2014, pages 237-252
3D FE modeling considering shear connectors representation and number in CBGB
Muthanna A. Abbu, Talha A. Ekmekyapar and Mustafa A. Özakça

Abstract     [Full Text]
    The use of composite structures is increasingly present in civil building works. Composite Box Girder Bridges (CBGB), particularly, are study of effect of shear connector\'s numbers and distribution on the behavior of CBGBs is submitted. A Predicti structures consisting of two materials, both connected by metal devices known as shear connectors. The main functions of these connectors are to allow for the joint behavior of the girder-deck, to restrict longitudinal slipping and uplifting at the element\'s interface and to take shear forces. This paper presents 3D numerical models of CBGBs to simulate their actual structural behavior, with emphasis on the girder-deck interface. Additionally, a Prediction of several FE models is assessed against the results acquired from a field test. A number of factors are considered, and confirmed through experiments, especially full shear connections, which are obviously essential in composite box girder. A good representation for shear connectors by suitable element type is considered. Numerical predictions of vertical displacements at critical sections fit fairly well with those evaluated experimentally. The agreement between the FE models and the experimental models show that the FE model can aid engineers in design practices of box girder bridges. Preliminary results indicate that number of shear studs can be significantly reduced to facilitate adoption of a new arrangement in modeling CBGBs with full composition. However, a further feasibility study to investigate the practical and economic aspects of such a remedy is recommended, and it may represent partial composition in such modeling.
Key Words
    composite box girder bridge; full connections; FE technique; shear connectors
Department of Civil Engineering, University of Gaziantep, 27310, Gaziantep, Turkey.

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