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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 16, Number 4, March 2014, pages 417-436
A new steel panel zone model including axial force for thin to thick column flanges
Iman Mansouri and Hamed Saffari

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    During an earthquake, steel frame columns can be subjected to high axial forces combined with inelastic rotation demand resulting from story drift. Generally, the whole beam or component can be represented with one element. In elasto-plastic analysis, subdivision is necessary if the plastic deformation occurs within two ends of beams. If effects of the joint panel are necessarily considered in the analysis, the joint panel should be represented with an independent element. It is a special element to represent the shear deformation of the joint panel in the beam.column connection zone. Several analytical models for panel zone (PZ) behavior exist, in terms of shear force-shear distortion relationships. Among these models, the Krawinkler PZ model is the most popular one which is used in the AISC code. Some studies have pointed out that Krawinkler's model gives good results for the range of thin to medium column flanges thickness. This paper, introduces a new model to estimate the response of shear force-shear distortion for the PZ including column axial force. The model is applicable to both thin and thick column flange. To achieve an appropriate PZ mathematical model first, the effects of PZ strength and stiffness on connection response are parametrically studied using finite element models. More than one thousand and four-hundred beam-column connections are included in the parametric study, with varied parameters; then based on analytical results a simple mathematical model is presented. A comparison between the results of proposed method herein with FE analyses shows the average error especially in thick column flange is significantly reduced which demonstrates the accuracy, efficiency, and simplicity of the proposed model.
Key Words
    panel zone; shear strength; beam-column connection; axial force; FEM
Iman Mansouri and Hamed Saffari:
Department of Civil Engineering, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, P.O. Box 76169133, Kerman, Iran.

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