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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 13, Number 1, July 2012, pages 71-89

Pre-buckling deflection effects on stability of thin-walled beams with open sections
Mohri, F.*, Damil, N. and Potier-Ferry, M.

    The paper investigates beam lateral buckling stability according to linear and non-linear models. Closed form solutions for single-symmetric cross sections are first derived according to a non-linear model considering flexural-torsional coupling and pre-buckling deformation effects. The closed form solutions are compared to a beam finite element developed in large torsion. Effects of pre-buckling deflection and gradient moment on beam stability are not well known in the literature. The strength of singly symmetric I-beams under gradient moments is particularly investigated. Beams with T and I cross-sections are considered in the study. It is concluded that pre-buckling deflections effects are important for I-section with large flanges and analytical solutions are possible. For beams with T-sections, lateral buckling resistance depends not only on pre-buckling deflection but also on cross section shape, load distribution and buckling modes. Effects of prebuckling deflections are important only when the largest flange is under compressive stresses and positive gradient moments. For negative gradient moments, all available solutions fail and overestimate the beam strength. Numerical solutions are more powerful. Other load cases are investigated as the stability of continuous beams. Under arbitrary loads, all available solutions fail, and recourse to finite element simulation is more efficient.
Key Words
    beam; eigenvalue; finite element; lateral buckling; non-linear; thin-walled beam; open section.
Mohri, F.* and Potier-Ferry, M.:Universite de lorraine, LEM3 UMR CNRS 7239, Ile du Saulcy. 57045 Metz. France
Damil, N.: Laboratoire de Calcul Scientifique en Mecanique, Faculte des Sciences Ben M

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