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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 12, Number 6, May 2012, pages 465-489

Experimental investigation of residual stresses in cold formed steel sections
Miroslav Beševic

    Residual stresses play important role for design of steel structural members. Cold formed sections usually have residual stresses caused by roll forming. When compared to stresses caused by the working load, especially for compressed members, the effects of residual stresses can be favorable or unfavorable depending on magnitude, orientation and distribution of these stresses. The research presented in this paper includes experimental investigations of residual stresses, initial imperfections and material properties on cold formed carbon steel open cross sections. Experimental results have been compared to results obtained in similar tests with stainless and high strength steel cross sections. Theoretical and experimental research, conducted for cold formed open cross sections, are important for design of axially compressed members. This paper presents two methods of residual stresses investigation: magnetic method and method of pre-drilled holes and obtained results have been compared with results of residual stresses from other authors.
Key Words
    cold formed; residual stresses; magnetic method; pre-drilled hole method; stainless steel; high strength steel.
Faculty of Civil Engineering Subotica

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