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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 11, Number 5, October 2011 , pages 391-402

Compression test of RCFT columns with thin-walledsteel tube and high strength concrete
Alifujiang Xiamuxi and Akira Hasegawa

    It is clear from the former researches on reinforced concrete filled steel tubular (RCFT) structuresthat RCFT structures have higher strength and deformation capacity than concrete filled steel tubular (CFT) structures. However, in the case of actual applications to large-scaled structures, the thin-walled steel tube must be used from the view point of economic condition. Therefore, in this study, compression tests of RCFT columns which were made by thin-walled steel tube or small load-sharing ratio in cooperation with high strength concrete were carried out, meanwhile corresponding tests of CFT, reinforced concrete (RC), pure concrete and steel tube columns were done to compare with RCFT. By the a series of comparison and analysis, characteristics of RCFT columns were clarified, and following conclusions were drawn: RCFT structures can effectively avoided from brittle failure by the using of reinforcement while CFT structures are damaged due to the brittle failure; with RCFT structures, excellent bearing capacity can be achieved in plastic zone by combining the thin-walled steel tube with high strength concrete and reinforcement. The smaller load-sharing ratio can made the reinforcement play full role; Combination of thin-walled steel tube with high strength concrete and reinforcement is effective way to construct large-scaled structures.
Key Words
    RCFT structures; CFT structures; large-scaled structures; compression test; thin-walled steel tube; load-sharing ratio; high strength concrete; brittle failure; bearing capacity.
Department of Environmental and Civil Engineering, Hachinohe Institute of Technology,88-1 Ohbiraki, Hachinohe 031-8501, Japan

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