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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 11, Number 1, February 2011, pages 21-38

Parameters influencing seismic response of horizontally curved, steel, I-girder bridges
Daniel G. Linzell and Venkata P. Nadakuditi

    This study examines the influence of curved, steel, I-girder bridge configuration on girder end reactions and cross frame member forces during seismic events. Simply-supported bridge finite element models were created and examined under seismic events mimicking what could be experienced in AASHTO Seismic Zone 2. Bridges were analyzed using practical ranges of: radius of curvature; girder and cross frame spacings; and lateral bracing configuration. Results from the study indicated that: (1) radius of curvature had the greatest influence on seismic response; (2) interior (lowest radius) girder reactions were heavily influenced by parameter variations and, in certain instances, uplift at their bearings could be a concern; (3) vertical excitation more heavily influenced bearing and cross frame seismic response; and (4) lateral bracing helped reduce seismic effects but using bracing along the entire span did not provide additional benefit over placing bracing only in bays adjacent to the supports.
Key Words
    Horizontally; curved, steel; I-girder; bridge; seismic; finite; element.
Daniel G. Linzell : Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, 231L Sackett Bldg., University Park, PA 16802, USA
Venkata P. Nadakuditi : Stress Offshore, Inc., 13602 Westland East Blvd, Building 1, Houston, TX 77041

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