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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 10, Number 5, October 2010 , pages 457-473

Study on behavior of T-section modular composite profiled beams
Soo-Hyun Ryu

    In this study, specimens were made with profile thicknesses and shear reinforcement as parameters. The bending and shear behavior were checked, and comparative analysis was conducted of the results and the theoretical values in order to see the applicability of T-section Modular Composite Profiled Beams (TMPB). In TMPB, the profiles of formwork functions play a structural role resisting the load. Also, the module concept, which is introduced into TMPB, has advantages: it can be mass-produced in a factory, it is lighter than an existing H-beam, it can be fabricated on the spot, and its section size is freely adjustable. The T1 specimens exhibited ductile behavior, where the whole section displayed strain corresponding to yielding strain at least without separation between modules. They also exhibited maximum strength similar to the theoretical values even if shear reinforcement was not applied, due to the marginal difference between shear strength and maximum bending monment of the concrete section. A slip between modules was incurred by shear failure of the bolts in all specimens, excluding the T1 specimen, and therefore bending moment could not be fully displayed.
Key Words
    T-section; modular; composite; profiled; slip; shear reinforcement.
Department of Architectural, Sahm-Yook University, Seoul, Korea

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