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Steel and Composite Structures
  Volume 10, Number 3, June 2010 , pages 281-279

Structural characteristics of welded built-up square CFT column-to-beam connections with external diaphragms
Seong-Hui Lee, Il-Seung Yang and Sung-Mo Choi

    Generally, a box tube, which is used for an existing square CFT structure, is made by welding four plates. The manufacturing efficiency of this steel tube is poor, and it also needs special welding technology to weld its internal diaphragm and the through diaphragm. Therefore, an interior-anchor-type square steel tube was developed using the method of cold-forming thin plates to prevent welding of the stress concentration position, and to maximize the section efficiency. And, considering of the flow of beam flange load, the efficiency of erection and the weldability of the diaphragm to thin walled steel column, the external diaphragm connection was selected as the suitable type for the welded built-up square CFT column to beam connection. And, an analytical study and tests were conducted to evaluate the structural performance of the suggested connection details and to verify the suggested equations for the connection details. Through this study, the composite effect of the internal anchor to concrete, the resistance and stress distribution of the connections before and after the existing column is welded to the beam, the effective location of welding in connection were analyzed.
Key Words
    welded built-up square CFT column; external diaphragm; weld throat thickness; inner anchor.
Total Structural Engineering and Construction Ltd (TSEC), Sungsudong 2-ga 289-12, Sungdong-gu, Seoul, 133-120, Korea
Department of Architectural Engineering, Dongshin University, Daeho-dong 252, Naju, Chunnam, 520-714, Korea
School of Architectural Engineering, University of Seoul, Cheonnong-dong 90, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul,130-743,

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