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Ocean Systems Engineering
  Volume 9, Number 4, December 2019 , pages 423-448

Hydroelastic analysis of a truss pontoon Mobile Offshore Base
S. Somansundar, R. Panneer Selvam and D. Karmakar

     Very Large Floating Structures (VLFS) are one among the solution to pursue an environmentally friendly and sustainable technology in birthing land from the sea. VLFS are extra-large in size and mostly extra-long in span. VLFS may be classified into two broad categories, namely the pontoon type and semi-submersible type. The pontoon-type VLFS is a flat box structure floating on the sea surface and suitable in regions with lower sea state. The semi-submersible VLFS has a deck raised above the sea level and supported by columns which are connected to submerged pontoons and are subjected to less wave forces. These structures are very flexible compared to other kinds of offshore structures, and its elastic deformations are more important than their rigid body motions. This paper presents hydroelastic analysis carried out on an innovative VLFS called truss pontoon Mobile Offshore Base (MOB) platform concept proposed by Srinivasan and Sundaravadivelu (2013). The truss pontoon MOB is modelled and hydroelastic analysis is carried out using HYDRAN-XR for regular 0 waves heading angle. Results are presented for variation of added mass and damping coefficients, diffraction and wave excitation forces, RAOs for translational, rotation and deformational modes and vertical displacement at salient sections with respect to wave periods.
Key Words
     Hydroelasticity; Mobile Offshore Base (MOB); Hydrodynamic coefficient; fluid forces; Response amplitude operator; vertical displacement; longitudinal and bending stresses
S. Somansundar and R. Panneer Selvam: Department of Ocean Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras,
Chennai – 600036, Tamil Nadu, India
D. Karmakar: Department of Applied Mechanics and Hydraulics, National Institute of Technology Karnataka,
Surathkal, Mangalore – 575025, India


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