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Ocean Systems Engineering   Volume 7, Number 4, December 2017, pages 329-344
A BEM/RANS interactive method for predicting contra-rotating propeller performance
Yiran Suand Spyros A. Kinnas

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    This paper introduces a BEM/RANS interactive scheme to predict the contra-rotating propeller (CRP) performance. In this scheme, the forward propeller and the aft propeller are handled by two separate BEM models while the interactions between them are achieved by coupling them with a RANS solver. By using the body force field and mass source field to represent the propeller in the RANS model, the number of RANS cells and the number of required RANS iterations reduce significantly. The method provides an efficient way to predict the effective wake, the steady/unsteady propeller forces, etc. The BEM/RANS interactive scheme is first applied to a CRP in both an axisymmetric manner and a non-axisymmetric manner. Results are shown in good agreement with the experimental data in moderate to high advance ratios. It is proved that the difference between the axisymmetric scheme and the non-axisymmetric scheme mainly comes from the non-axisymmetric bodies. It is also found that the error is larger at lower advance ratios. Possible explanations are given. Finally, some additional cases are tested which justifies that the non-axisymmetric BEM/RANS scheme is able to handle a podded CRP working at given inclination angles.
Key Words
    contra-rotating propeller; boundary element method; CFD simulation; hydrodynamic analysis; propeller performance; BEM/RANS
Yiran Su and Spyros A. Kinnas: Ocean Engineering Group, Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX 78712, USA

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