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Ocean Systems Engineering
  Volume 4, Number 2, June 2014 , pages 151-167

Local joint flexibility equations for Y-T and K-type tubular joints
Behrouz Asgariana, Vahid Mokarram and Pejman Alanjari

    It is common that analyses of offshore platforms being carried out with the assumption of rigid tubular joints. However, many researches have concluded that it is necessary that local joint flexibility (LJF) of tubular joints should be taken into account. Meanwhile, advanced analysis of old offshore platforms considering local joint flexibility leads to more accurate results. This paper presents an extensive finite-element (FE) based study on the flexibility of uni-planner multi-brace tubular Y-T and K-joints commonly found in offshore platforms. A wide range of geometric parameters of Y-T and K-joints in offshore practice is covered to generate reliable parametric equations for flexibility matrices. The formulas are obtained by non-linear regression analyses on the database. The proposed equations are verified against existing analytical and experimental formulations. The equations can be used reliably in global analyses of offshore structures to account for the LJF effects on overall behavior of the structure.
Key Words
    fixed offshore platforms; tubular joints; local joint flexibility (LJF)
Behrouz Asgariana, Vahid Mokarram and Pejman Alanjari: K.N.Toosi University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Tehran, Iran

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