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Ocean Systems Engineering
  Volume 3, Number 4, December 2013 , pages 257-273

Numerical model of a tensioner system and riser guide
Han Huang, Jun Zhang and Liyun Zhu

    Top tensioned riser (TTR) is often used in a floating oil/gas production system deployed in deep water for oil/gas transport. This study focuses on the extension of the existing numerical code, known as CABLE3D, to allow for static and dynamic simulation of a TTR connected to a floating structure through a tensioner system or buoyancy can, and restrained by riser guides at different elevations. A tensioner system usually consists of three to six cylindrical tensioners. Although the stiffness of individual tensioner is assumed to be linear, the resultant stiffness of a tensioner system may be nonlinear. The vertical friction between a TTR and the hull at its riser guide is neglected assuming rollers are installed there. Near the water surface, a TTR is forced to move horizontally due to the motion of the upper deck of a floating structure as well as related riser guides. The extended CABLE3D is then integrated into a numerical code, known as COUPLE, for the simulation of the dynamic interaction among the hull of a floating structure, such as spar or TLP, its mooring system and riser system under the impact of wind, current and waves. To demonstrate the application of the extended CABLE3D and its integration with COUPLE, the numerical simulation is made for a truss spar under the impact of Hurricane \"Ike\". The mooring system of the spar consists of nine mooring lines and the riser system consists of six TTRs and two steel catenary risers (SCRs).
Key Words
    dynamic simulation; top tensioned riser; tensioner; riser guide; cable3D; COUPLE
Han Huang : Offshore Engineering Department, American Bureau of Shipping, Houston, TX, USA
Jun Zhang and Liyun Zhu : Ocean Engineering Program, Civil Engineering Department, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, USA

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