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Ocean Systems Engineering
  Volume 3, Number 1, March 2013 , pages 35-53

Analytical study on hydrodynamic motions and structural behaviors of hybrid floating structure
Youn-Ju Jeong, Du-Ho Lee, Min-Su Park and Young-Jun You

    In this study, a hybrid floating structure with cylinder was introduced to reduce the hydrodynamic motions of the pontoon type. The hybrid floating structure is composed of cylinders and semi-opened side sections to penetrate the wave impact energy. In order to exactly investigate the hydrodynamic motions and structural behavior of the hybrid floating structure under the wave loadings, integrated analysis of hydrodynamic and structural behavior were carried out on the hybrid floating structure. Firstly, the hydrodynamic analyses were performed on the hybrid and pontoon models. Then, the wave-induced hydrodynamic pressures resulting from hydrodynamic analysis were directly mapped to the structural analysis model. And, finally, the structural analyses were carried out on the hybrid and pontoon models. As a result of this study, it was learned that the hybrid model of this study was showed to have more favorable hydrodynamic motions than the pontoon model. The surge motion was indicated even smaller motion at all over wave periods from 4.0 to 10.0 sec, and the heave and pitch motions indicated smaller motions beyond its wave period of 6.5 sec. However, the hybrid model was shown more unfavorable structural behavior than the pontoon model. High concentrated stress occurred at the bottom slab of the bow and stern part where the cylinder wall was connected to the bottom slab. Also, the hybrid model behaved with the elastic body motion due to weak stiffness of floating body and caused a large stress variation at the pure slab section between the cylinder walls. Hence, in order to overcome these problems, some alternatives which could be easily obtained from the simple modification of structural details were proposed.
Key Words
    hybrid; floating structure; integrated analysis; motions; structural behavior; concrete; alternatives
Youn-Ju Jeong, Du-Ho Lee, Min-Su Park and Young-Jun You : Infra-Structure Research Department, Korea Institute of Construction Technology ilsan, Goyang, Gyeonggi 411-712, Korea

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