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Ocean Systems Engineering
  Volume 13, Number 1, March 2023 , pages 21-41

Preliminary hydrodynamic assessments of a new hybrid wind wave energy conversion concept
Allan C de Oliveira

    Decarbonization and energy transition can be considered as a main concern even for the oil industry. One of the initiatives to reduce emissions under studies considers the use of renewable energy as a complimentary supply of electric energy of the production platforms. Wind energy has a higher TRL (Technology Readiness Level) than other types of energy converters and has been considered in these studies. However, other types of renewable energy have potential to be used and hybrid concepts considering wind platforms can help to push the technological development of other types of energy converters and improve their efficiency. In this article, a preliminary hydrodynamic assessment of a new concept of hybrid wind and wave energy conversion platform was performed, in order to evaluate the potential of wave power extraction. A multiple OWCs (Oscillating Water Column) WEC (Wave Energy Converter) design was adopted for the analysis and some simplifications were adopted to permit using a frequency domain approach to evaluate the mean wave power estimation for the location. Other strategies were used in the OWC design to create resonance in the sea energy range to try to maximize the potential power to be extracted, with good results.
Key Words
    energy; hydrodynamics; wave; WEC; wind
Allan C de Oliveira:Petrobras R&D Center, Petrobras, Av Horacio de Macedo, 950, Cidade Universitaria, Brazil

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