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Ocean Systems Engineering
  Volume 10, Number 1, March 2020 , pages 111-129

A simplified algorithm for conceptual estimation of the material quantities of rubble-mound breakwaters
Kabir Sadeghi and Fatemeh Nouban

    A simplified algorithm is proposed for fast estimation of the material quantities required for the construction of rubble-mound breakwaters. The proposed algorithm is able to employ only the data available at feasibility study phase such as the maximum draught of the design ship selected to transport the cargos to the harbor despite, because at the feasibility phase, information for the planned harbor is likely to be very limited. A linear-constant waterdepth model together with a proposed section configuration for the breakwaters, which is customary for harbors, is considered to calculate the quantity of materials. The numerical simulation of the wave characteristics has been verified using the recorded wave data collected by a buoy installed near the Neka harbor in Caspian Sea waters. A case study has been also applied to four harbors to validate the proposed algorithm. The estimated weights using the proposed linear-constant and multi-linear waterdepth models were compared using the bathymetry maps and layouts of these harbors. A computer program, written in QBasic language, has been developed to simulate the wave characteristics and to estimate the material quantities needed to construct a rubble-mound breakwater. The obtained results show that taking into account the acceptable accuracies normally applied to the feasibility study and conceptual design phases, the proposed algorithm is sufficiently accurate and highly effective for the conceptual estimation of materials
Key Words
    rubble-mound; breakwater; analytical model; material quantity; conceptual estimate
Kabir Sadeghi and Fatemeh Nouban: Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty, Near East University, Near East Boulevard, ZIP: 99138, Nicosia, North Cyprus, via Mersin 10 – Turkey

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