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Ocean Systems Engineering
  Volume 1, Number 3, September 2011 , pages 207-222

Simulation of free falling rigid body into water by a stabilized incompressible SPH method
Abdelraheem M. Aly, Mitsuteru Asai and Yoshimi Sonoda

    A stabilized incompressible smoothed particles hydrodynamics (ISPH) method is utilized to simulate free falling rigid body into water domain. Both of rigid body and fluid domain are modeled by SPH formulation. The proposed source term in the pressure Poisson equation contains two terms; divergence of velocity and density invariance. The density invariance term is multiplied by a relaxed parameter for stabilization. In addition, large eddy simulation with Smagorinsky model has been introduced to include the eddy viscosity effect. The improved method is applied to simulate both of free falling vessels with different materials and water entry-exit of horizontal circular cylinder. The applicability and efficiency of improved method is tested by the comparisons with reference experimental results.
Key Words
    incompressible SPH; rigid body; free surface flow; pressure Poisson equation.
Abdelraheem M. Aly, Mitsuteru Asai and Yoshimi Sonoda : Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University, Japan

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