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Membrane Water Treatment
  Volume 9, Number 4, July 2018 , pages 255-262

Self-forming dynamic membrane formed on mesh filter coupled with membrane bioreactor at different sludge concentrations
Fariba Rezvani and Mohammad Reza Mehrnia

    This study attempted to evaluate the process of self-forming dynamic membrane formation on mesh filter in membrane bioreactor with a two-stage method of batch (agitation) and continues (aeration) stage at different sludge concentrations. Four concentrations of activated sludge including 6+-0.4, 8+-0.5, 10+-0.3, 14+-0.3 g/L were used to demonstrate the optimal concentration of sludge for treating municipal wastewater and reducing fouling in dynamic membrane bioreactor. The formation time and effluent turbidity were decreased in the batch stage when increasing the activated sludge concentration. The minimum values of formation time and effluent turbidity were 14 min and 43 NTU for the optimum mixed liqueur suspended solids of 8+-0.5 g/L, respectively. To improve operational condition and fouling reduction in the aeration stage, critical fluxes were measured for all concentrations by flux-step method. With increasing the sludge concentration, the relevant critical fluxes reduced. The optimum subcritical flux of 30 L/m2/h was applied as operating flux in the second stage. The maximum COD removal efficiency of 98% was achieved by the concentration of 8+-0.5 g/L. Compressibility index of self-forming dynamic membrane and transmembrane pressure trend remained somewhat constant until the optimal concentration of 8+-0.5 g/L and thereafter they increased steeply.
Key Words
    mesh filter; self-forming dynamic membrane; membrane bioreactor; critical flux; wastewater treatment; different sludge concentrations
Department of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology Group, College of Engineering, University of Tehran, P.O.Box 11155-4563, Tehran, Iran

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