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Membrane Water Treatment   Volume 9, Number 1, January 2018, pages 53-62
Treatment of high-salinity wastewater after the resin regeneration using VMD
Junyu Gao, Manxiang Wang and Yanbin Yun

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    In this study, vacuum membrane distillation (VMD) was used to treat high-salinity wastewater (concentration about 17%) discharged by chlor-alkali plant after resin regeneration. The feasibility of VMD for the treatment of real saline wastewater by using Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) microporous plate membrane with a pore diameter of 0.2 µm was investigated. The effects of critical operating parameters such as feed temperature, velocity, vacuum degree and concentration on the permeate water flux were analyzed. Numerical simulation was used to predict the flux and the obtained results were in good agreement with the experimental data.The results showed that an increase in the operating conditions could greatly promote the permeate water flux which in turn decreased with an increase in the concentration. When the concentration varied from 17 to 25%, the permeate water flux dropped marginally with time indicating that the concentration was not sensitive to the decrease in permeate water flux. The permeate water flux decreased sharply until zero due to the membrane fouling resistance as the concentration varied from 25 to 26%. However, the conductivity of the produced water was well maintained and the average value was measured to be 4.98 µs/cm. Furthermore, a salt rejection of more than 99.99% was achieved. Overall, the outcome of this investigation clearly indicates that VMD has the potential for treating high-salinity wastewater.
Key Words
    vacuum membrane distillation (VMD); high-salinity wastewater; operating conditions; concentration; membrane fouling; permeate flux
Junyu Gao, Manxiang Wang and Yanbin Yun: School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Beijing Forestry University, No. 35 Qinghua East Road, Haidian District,
Beijing, 100083, China

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