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Membrane Water Treatment
  Volume 8, Number 1, January 2017 , pages 73-88

Adsorption kinetic and mechanistic view of aqueous ferric ion onto bio-natural rice grains
Mohammed A. Al-Anber

    Adsorption kinetics of aqueous ferric ion (Fe3+) onto bio-natural rice grains (BRG) have been studied in a batch system. The influence of contact time (0-180 minutes), the dosage of BRG adsorbent (10, 20, 40, and 60 g L-1), and ambient temperature (27, 37, 47, and 57oC) for the adsorption system have been reported. The equilibrium time achieved after 20 minutes of adsorption contact time. The maximum removal of ferric ion is 99% by using 60 gL-1 of BRG, T=37oC, and 50 mg L-1 ferric ion solution. Adsorption kinetic and diffusion models, such as pseudo-first order, pseudo-second order, and Weber-Morris intra-particle diffusion model, have been used to describe the adsorption rate and mechanism of the ferric ion onto BRG surface. The sorption data results are fitted by Lagergren pseudo-second order model (R2=1.0). The kinetic parameters, rate constant, and sorption capacities have been calculated. The new information in this study suggests that BRG could adsorb ferric ion from water physiosorption during the first 5 minutes. Afterward, the electrostatic interaction between ferric ion and BGR-surface could take place as a very weak chemisorptions process. Thus, there is no significant change could be noticed in the FTIR spectra after adsorption. I recommend producing BGR as a bio-natural filtering material for removing the ferric ion from water.
Key Words
    ferric ion; bio-natural rice; adsorption; pseudo-second order; kinetic
Mohammed A. Al-Anber:Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Mu\'tah University, P.O. Box 7, 61710-Al-Kark, Jordan

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