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Membrane Water Treatment   Volume 7, Number 6, November 2016, pages 539-553
Effect of PTMGDA-PEGMA dopant on PVDF ultrafiltration membrane
Gui-E. Chen, Hui-Hong Huang, Zhen-Liang Xu, Ping-Yun Zhang, Wen-Zhi Wu, Li Sun and Yan-Jun Liu

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    As a novel hydrophobic monomer, polytetrahydrofuran diacrylate (PTMGDA) was synthesized by the esterification reaction between polyethylene tetrahydrofuran (PTMG) and acryloyl chloride (AC). In situ free radical polymerization reaction method was utilized to fabricate poly (vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF)-PTMGDApoly(ethylene oxide) dimethacrylate (PEGMA) ulrafiltration (UF) membranes. The performances of PVDFPTMGDA- PEGMA UF membranes in terms of morphologies, mechanical properties, separation properties and hydrophilicities were investigated. The introduction of the PTMGDA-PEGMA dopants not only increased the membranes' pure water flux, but also improved their mechanical properties and the dynamic contact angles. The addition of the PTMGDA/PEGMA dopants led to the formation of the finger-like structure in the membrane bulk. With the increase concentration of PTMGDA/PEGMA dopants, the porosity and the mean effective pore size increased. Those performances were coincide with the physicochemical properties of the casting solutions.
Key Words
    PVDF-PTMGDA-PEGMA membrane; PTMGDA-PEGMA dopants; in situ free radical polymerization; hydrophilicity
(1) Gui-E. Chen, Hui-Hong Huang, Wen-Zhi Wu, Li Sun, Yan-Jun Liu:
School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Shanghai Institute of Technology, 100 Haiquan Road, Shanghai 201418, China;
(2) Zhen-Liang Xu, Ping-Yun Zhang:
State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering, Membrane Science and Engineering R&D Lab, Chemical Engineering Research Center, East China University of Science and Technology, 130 Meilong Road, Shanghai 200237, China.

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