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Membrane Water Treatment
  Volume 7, Number 3, May 2016 , pages 223-240

Synthesis and characterization of poly(vinyl-alcohol)-poly(β-cyclodextrin) copolymer membranes for aniline extraction
F. Oughlis-Hammache, M. Skiba, F. Hallouard, L. Moulahcene, O. Kebiche-Senhadji, M. Benamor and M. Lahiani-Skiba

    In this study, poly(vinyl-alcohol) and water insoluble β-cyclodextrin polymer (β-CDP) cross-linked with citric acid, have been used as macrocyclic carrier in the preparation of polymer inclusion membranes (PIMs) for aniline (as molecule model) extraction from aqueous media. The obtained membranes were firstly characterized by X-ray diffraction, Fourier transform infrared and water swelling test. The transport of aniline was studied in a two-compartment transport cell under various experimental conditions, such as carrier content in the membranes, stirring rate and initial aniline concentration. The kinetic study was performed and the kinetic parameters were calculated as rate constant (k), permeability coefficient (P) and flux (J). These first results demonstrated the utility of such polymeric membranes for environmental decontamination of toxic organic molecules like aniline. Predictive modeling of transport flux through these materials was then studied using design of experiments; the design chosen was a two level full factorial design 2k. An empirical correlation between aniline transport flux and independent variables (Poly β-CD membrane content, agitation speed and initial aniline concentration) was successfully obtained. Statistical analysis showed that initial aniline concentration of the solution was the most important parameter in the study domain. The model revealed the existence of a strong interaction between the Poly β-CD membrane content and the stirring speed of the source solution. The good agreement between the model and the experimental transport data confirms the model's validity.
Key Words
    polymer inclusion membranes (PIMs); insoluble β-cyclodextrin polymer; aniline; design of experiment; statistical analysis
(1) F. Oughlis-Hammache, M. Skiba, F. Hallouard, M. Lahiani-Skiba:
Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics Laboratory, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Rouen University, 22 Bd Gambetta, 76183 Rouen, France;
(2) F. Oughlis-Hammache:
Université du 20 Août 1955-Skikda;
(3) F. Oughlis-Hammache, L. Moulahcene, O. Kebiche-Senhadji, M. Benamor:
Laboratoire des Procédés Membranaires et des Techniques de Séparation et de Récupération (LPMTSR), Faculté de Technologie, Université A. Mira de Béjaia — Algérie;
(4) F. Hallouard:
In-Cyclo, 75 Route de Lyons, 76183 Rouen, France.

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