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Membrane Water Treatment
  Volume 6, Number 5, September 2015 , pages 411-422

Permeability of pH-sensitive membranes grafted by Fenton-type reaction: An experimental and modeling study
Jakub M. Gac, Marta Bojarska, Izabela Stępniewska, Wojciech Piątkiewicz and Leon Gradoń

    Membrane modification by different concentrations of acrylic acid has been described. Grafting of acrylic acid to the surface of a polypropylene membrane was obtained by a Fenton-type reaction. Membrane permeability seemed to have been dependent on the value of pH in the solution. To explain tendency, a simple theoretical model was developed. The model incorporates explicitly statistical conformations of a polyacid chain grafted onto the pore surface. The charged capillary model with a varying diameter for porous membranes was then used to evaluate the permeability of the membrane. It has been shown both theoretically and experimentally that the permeability of a grafted membrane depends on the pH of the solution.
Key Words
    ultrafiltration; acrylic acid; membrane grafting; membrane permeability; numerical modeling; pH-sensitive membranes
(1) Jakub M. Gac, Marta Bojarska, Izabela Stępniewska, Wojciech Piątkiewicz, Leon Gradoń:
Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, ul. Waryńskiego 1, 00-645 Warszawa, Poland;
(2) Marta Bojarska, Wojciech Piątkiewicz:
PolymemTech Sp. z o.o., al. NiepodlegŁości 118/90, 02-570 Warszawa, Poland.

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