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Membrane Water Treatment
  Volume 5, Number 3, July 2014, pages 183-195

Cadmium and zinc removal from water by polyelectrolyte enhanced ultrafiltration
Dorra Jellouli Ennigrou, Mourad Ben Sik Ali, Mahmoud Dhahbi and Ferid Mokhtar

    The efficiency of two metal ions (cadmium, zinc) removal from aqueous solutions by ultrafiltration (UF) and Polymer Enhanced Ultrafiltration (PEUF) processes were investigated in this work. The UF and PEUF studies were carried out using an ultrafiltration tangential cell system equipped with 5.000 MWCO regenerated cellulose. A water-soluble polymer: the polyacrylic acid (PAA) was used as complexant for PEUF experiments. The effects of transmembrane pressure, pH, metal ions and loading ratio on permeate fluxes and metal ions removals were evaluated. In UF process, permeate fluxes increase linearly with increasing pH for different transmembrane pressure, which may be the consequence of the formation of soluble metal hydroxyl complexes in the aqueous phase. In PEUF process, above pH 5.0, the Cd(II) retention reaches a plateau at 90% and Zn(II) at 80% for L = 5. Also, cadmium retention at different L is greater than zinc retention at pH varying from 5.0 to 9.0. In a mixture solution, cadmium retention is higher than zinc for different loading ratio, this is due to interactions between carboxylic groups of PAA and metal ions and more important with cadmium ions.
Key Words
    cadmium; zinc; polymer enhanced ultrafiltration; removal efficiency; ultrafiltration
(1) Dorra Jellouli Ennigrou, Ferid Mokhtar:
Physical Chemistry Laboratory of Mineral Materials and Their Applications, National Center for Research in Materials Sciences, Technopark Borj Cedria, PO Box 73-8027 Soliman, Tunisia;
(2) Mourad Ben Sik Ali:
Desalination and water treatment Research unit, Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, El Manar II 2092, Tunisia;
(3) Mahmoud Dhahbi:
National Center for Research and Water Technology Technopark Borj Cedria, PO Box 273-8020 Soliman, Tunisia.

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