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Membrane Water Treatment   Volume 3, Number 4, October 2012, pages 243-252
Recovery of Golden yellow and Cibacron LSG dyes from aqueous solution by bulk liquid membrane technique
G Muthuraman and P. Jahfar Ali

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    Tri-n-butyl phosphate (TBP) was used as carrier for the transport of Golden yellow and Cibacron LSG dyes through a hexane bulk liquid membrane. The transport efficiency of dyes by TBP was investigated under various experimental conditions such as pH of the feed phase (dyes solution), concentration of the receiving phase (NaOH solution), concentration of TBP in membrane, rate of stirring, effect of transport time, type of solvent, dye concentration in feed phase, effect of temperature.. The maximum transport dyes occurs at ratio of 1:1 TBP-hexane At pH 3.0 0.1 (feed phase) the transport dyes decreased. At high stirring speed (300 rpm) the dyes transport from the feed phase to the strip phase was completed within 60 minutes at 27oC. Under optimum conditions: Feed phase 100 mg/L dyes solution at pH 1.0 0.1, receiving phase 0.1 mol/L NaOH solution, membrane phase 1:1 TBP-hexane , Stirring speed 300 rpm and temperature 27oC, the proposed liquid membrane was applied to recover the textile effluent.
Key Words
    bulk liquid membrane; transport; feed phase; receiving phase; stirring speed; textile effluent; recovery
G Muthuraman : University of Madras, Department of Chemistry, Presidency College, Chennai 600 005, India
P. Jahfar Ali : University of Madras, Department of Chemistry, The New College, Chennai 600 014, India

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