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Membrane Water Treatment
  Volume 13, Number 3, May 2022 , pages 139-145

Cellulose acetate membrane preparation by phase inversion to estimate optimized parameters and its performance study
Heena N Katariya and Tejal M Patel

    Development in advanced separation processes leads to the significant advancement in polymeric membrane preparation methodology. Therefore, present research investigated the preparation and characterization of cellulose acetate membrane by phase inversion separation method to determine optimized operating parameters. Prepared CA membrane's performance was been analyzed in terms of % rejection and flux. Investigation was conducted to study effect of different parameters such as polymer concentration, evaporation rate, thickness of film, coagulation bath properties, temperature of polymer solution and of the coagulation bath etc. CA membrane was fabricated by taking polymer concentration 10wt% and 11wt% with zero second evaporation time and varying film thickness over non-woven polyester fabric. Effect of coagulation bath temperature (CBT) and casting solution temperature were also been studied. The experimental results from SEM showed that the surface morphology had been changed with polymer r concentration, coagulation bath and casting solution temperature, etc. Lower polymer concentration leads to lower precipitation time giving porous membrane. The prepared membrane was tested for advanced waste water treatment of relevant effluent stream in pilot plant to study flux and rejection behavior of the membrane.
Key Words
    cellulose acetate; flux; nanofiltration; membrane; polymers; rejection; thin film composite; transport
Heena N Katariya: Department of Chemical Engineering, S. S Agrawal Institute of Engineering & Technology, Navasri- 396445 Gujarat, India

Tejal M Patel: Department of Chemical Engineering, G H Patel College of Engineering & Technology, Vallabh Vidyanagar-388 120, Gujarat, India

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