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Membrane Water Treatment
  Volume 11, Number 2, March 2020 , pages 159-166

Performance and antifouling properties of PVDF/PVP and PSf membranes in MBR: A comparative study
Hossein Hazrati, Naser Karimi and Yoones Jafarzadeh

    In this study, the performance and antifouling properties of polysulfone (PSf) and polyvinylidene fluoride/polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVDF/PVP) membranes in a membrane bioreactor (MBR) were investigated. The membranes were prepared via phase inversion method, and then characterized by a set of analyses including contact angle, porosity and water flux and applied in a lab-scale MBR system. Soluble microbial product (SMP), extracellular polymeric substance (EPS), FTIR, gel permission chromatography (GPC) and particle size distribution (PSD) analyses were also carried out for MBR system. The results showed that the MBR with PSf membrane had higher hydrophobic organic compounds which resulted in formation of larger flocs in MBR. However, in this MBR had high compressibility coefficient of cake layer was higher (n=0.91) compared to MBR with PVDF/PVP membrane (n=0.8); hence, the fouling was more profound. GPC analysis revealed that compounds with molecular weight lower than 2 kDa are more formed on PSf membrane more than PVDF/PVP membrane. The results of FTIR analysis confirmed the presence of polysaccharide and protein compounds on the cake layer of both membranes which was in good agreement with EPS analysis. In addition, the results showed that their concentration was higher for the cake on PSf membrane.
Key Words
    PVDF/PVP; PSf; Cake layer specification; MBR
Hossein Hazrati, Naser Karimi and Yoones Jafarzadeh: 1Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran
Hossein Hazrati: Environmental Engineering Research Center, Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran

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