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Membrane Water Treatment
  Volume 11, Number 2, March 2020 , pages 141-149

Assessing the removal efficiency of Synedra sp. through analysis of field data from water treatment plants
Dae-Keun Seo and Yeong-Kwan Kim

    Prechlorination could increase the removal efficiency of Synedra, but there was no significant effect of increasing the amount of chlorine added. However, a removal efficiency of greater than 80% was noted when ozone was injected at concentrations greater than 2 mg/L. Also, it was found that on addition of polyamine, a removal efficiency of 80% or more could be achieved. As a result of the analysis of field operation data from the water treatment plants G and B, it was found that at water treatment plant G, the filter run time decreased to 10 hours or less when only coagulant was injected, but the filter run time increased to around 40 hours when polyamine (3 mg/L) was also injected. The Synedra population in the raw water subsequently increased to 2,340 cells/mL, and the filter continued running for more than 20 hours. At water treatment plant B, the average Synedra removal efficiency was 56% when only coagulant was injected, and the filter run time decreased drastically with the increasing population of Synedra in the raw water. However, the removal efficiency of Synedra reached 79% when polyamine was injected together with the coagulant, 90% when ozone was also injected, and 95% when polyamine and ozone were injected together and the filter continued running for over 50 hours. The filter run time was maintained at 60 hours when a Synedra population of 6,890 cells/mL flowed into the Paldang water source, but the filter run time with Synedra at 1,960 cells/mL decreased rapidly from 65 hours to 35 hours when the ratio of the size of the individual Synedra reaching 250 µm or more, increased from 38% to 94%. Therefore, the size of the Synedra is considered to be a factor that significantly influences filter clogging, as well as the size of the Synedra population.
Key Words
    Synedra; filter clogging; filter run time; polyamine, ozone
Dae-Keun Seo: Korea Water Resources Corporation, 200 Sintanjin-Ro, Daedeok-Gu, Daejeon, 34350 Republic of Korea
2Dept. Environmental Engineering, Kangwon National University, 1 Kangwondaehak-gil, Chuncheon-Si, Gangwon-Do,
24341 Republic of Korea

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