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Interaction and Multiscale Mechanics   Volume 5, Number 4, December 2012, pages 317-345
Behavior of cable-stayed bridges under dynamic subsidence of pylons
I.G. Raftoyiannis, G.T. Michaltsos and T.G. Konstantakopoulos

Abstract     [Full Text]
    Cable-stayed bridges are often used in modern bridge engineering for connecting two geographical points of long distance. A special load case to cable-stayed bridges is earthquake, which can produce horizontal as well as vertical movements on the pylons of the bridge. These movements may be transient in nature, i.e., only resulting in the transient vibration of the bridge, but causing no damage consequences. In some extreme cases, they may cause permanent subsidence on one or more pylons of the bridge. In this paper, the effect of pylons
Key Words
    cable-stayed bridges; pylon displacements; fault; pylon dynamic subsidence.
I.G. Raftoyiannis, G.T. Michaltsos and T.G. Konstantakopoulos: Department of Civil Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

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