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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 7, Number 6, December 2014 , pages 613-631

Computational modeling of buried blast-induced ground motion and ground subsidence
Zhi-Chao Zhang, Han-Long Liu, Ronald Y.S. Pak and Yu-Min Chen

    To complement the method of field-scale seismic ground motion simulations by buried blast techniques, the application and evaluation of the capability of a numerical modeling platform to simulate buried explosion-induced ground motion at a real soil site is presented in this paper. Upon a layout of the experimental setup at a level site wherein multiple charges that were buried over a large-diameter circle and detonated in a planned sequence, the formulation of a numerical model of the soil and the explosives using the finite element code LS-DYNA is developed for the evaluation of the resulting ground motion and surface subsidence. With a compact elastoplastic cap model calibrated for the loess soils on the basis of the site and laboratory test program, numerical solutions are obtained by explicit time integration for various dynamic aspects and their relation with the field blast experiment. Quantitative comparison of the computed ground acceleration time histories at different locations and induced spatial subsidence on the surface afterwards is given for further engineering insights in regard to the capabilities and limitations of both the numerical and experimental approaches.
Key Words
    buried explosion; field tests; numerical method; earthquakes; ground motion; ground subsidence
(1) Zhi-Chao Zhang, Han-Long Liu, Yu-Min Chen:
College of Civil and Transportation Engineering, Hohai University, Nanjing, China;
(2) Ronald Y.S. Pak:
Department of Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, USA.

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