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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 7, Number 3, September 2014 , pages 279-295

Time-dependent behaviour of interactive marine and terrestrial deposit clay
Xiaoping Chen, Qingzi Luo and Qiujuan Zhou

    A series of one-dimensional consolidation tests and triaxial creep tests were performed on Nansha clays, which are interactive marine and terrestrial deposits, to investigate their time-dependent behaviour. Based on experimental observations of oedometer tests, normally consolidated soils exhibit larger secondary compression than overconsolidated soils; the secondary consolidation coefficient () generally gets the maximum value as load approaches the preconsolidation pressure. The postsurcharge secondary consolidation coefficient (Cα') is significantly less than . The observed secondary compression behaviour is consistent with the /Cc concept, regardless of surcharging. The /Cc ratio is a constant that is applicable to the recompression and compression ranges. Compared with the stage-loading test, the single-loading oedometer test can evaluate the entire process of secondary compression; varies significantly with time and is larger than the obtained from the stage-loading test. Based on experimental observations of triaxial creep tests, the creep for the drained state differs from the creep for the undrained state. The behaviour can be predicted by a characteristic relationship among axial strain rate, deviator stress level and time.
Key Words
    secondary consolidation coefficient; creep; time-dependent; interactive marine and terrestrial deposit clay; laboratory
(1) Xiaoping Chen, Qingzi Luo:
MOE Key Laboratory of Disaster Forecast and Control in Engineering, College of Science and Engineering, Jinan University, Guangzhou, 510632, PR China;
(2) Qiujuan Zhou:
Guangdong Technical College of Water Resources and Electric Engineering, Guangzhou, 510635, PR China.

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