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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 7, Number 2, August 2014 , pages 133-148

Comparative study on the behavior of lime-soil columns and other types of stone columns
Mohammadreza Malekpoor and Gholamreza Poorebrahim

    An experimental study is carried out to evaluate the performance of Lime mortar- Well graded Soil (Lime-WS) columns for the improvement of soft soils. Tests are conducted on a column of 100 mm diameter and 600 mm length surrounded by soft soil in different area ratios. Experiments are performed either with the entire area loading to evaluate the load - settlement behavior of treated grounds and only a column area loading to find the limiting axial stress of the column. A series of tests are carried out in soaking condition to investigate the influence of moisture content on the load - settlement behavior of specimens. In order to compare the behavior of Lime-WS columns with Conventional Stone (CS) columns as well as Geogrid Encased Stone (GES) columns, the behavior of these columns have been also considered in the present study. Remarkable improvement in the behavior of soft soil is observed due to the installation of Lime-WS columns and the performance of these columns is significantly enhanced by increasing the area ratio. The results show that CS columns are not suitable as a soil improvement technique for extremely soft soils and should be enhanced by encasing the column or replaced by rigid stone columns.
Key Words
    stone column, soft clay, lime, load intensity, limiting axial stress, settlement
Department of Civil Engineering, Kerman University, 22 Bahman Blvd, Kerman, Iran.

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