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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 6, Number 6, June 2014, pages 561-575

A new analytical model to determine dynamic displacement of foundations adjacent to slope
Mehdi Imani Varzaghani and Ali Ghanbari

    Estimating seismic displacements has a great importance for foundations on or adjacent to slope surfaces. However, dynamic solution of the problem has received little attention by previous researchers. This paper presents a new analytical model to determine seismic displacements of the shallow foundations adjacent to slopes. For this purpose, a dynamic equilibrium equation is written for the foundation with failure wedge. Stiffness and damping at the sliding surface are considered variable and a simple method is proposed for its estimation. Finally, for different failure surfaces, the calculated dynamic displacement and the surfaces with maximum strain are selected as the critical failure surface. Analysis results are presented as curves for different slope angles and different foundation distances from edge of the slope and are then compared with the experimental studies and software results. The comparison shows that the proposed model is capable of estimating seismic displacement of the shallow foundations adjacent to slopes. Also, the results demonstrate that, with increased slope angle and decreased foundation distances from the slope edge, seismic displacement increases in a non-linear trend. With increasing the slope angle and failure wedge angle, maximum strain of failure wedge increases. In addition, effect of slope on foundation settlement could be neglected for the foundation distances over 3B to 5B.
Key Words
    seismic settlement; analytical method; foundation; adjacent to slope; soil stiffness; failure surface
Faculty of Engineering, Kharazmi University, No. 49 Mofatteh Ave. Tehran, I.R. Iran.

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