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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 6, Number 6, June 2014, pages 517-530

Seismic response analysis of layered soils considering effect of surcharge mass using HFTD approach. Part I: basic formulation and linear HFTD
Mohammad A. Saffarian and Mohammad H. Bagheripour

    Seismic ground response analysis is one of the most important issues in geotechnical earthquake engineering. Conventional seismic site response and free field analysis of layered soils does not consider the effect of surcharge mass which may be present on the top layer. Surcharge mass may develop extra inertial force to the soil and, hence, significantly affect on the results of seismic ground response analysis. Methods of analysis of ground response may also be categorized into time domain and frequency domain concepts. Simplicity in developing analytical relations and accuracy in considering soil dynamic properties dependency to loading frequency are benefits of frequency domain analysis. In this part of the paper, seismic ground response is analyzed using transfer function method for soil layers considering surcharge mass on the top layer. Equation of motion, wave equation, is solved using amended boundary conditions which effectively take the impact of surcharge mass into account. A computer program is developed by MATLAB software based on the solution method developed for wave equation. Layered soils subjected to earthquake loading were numerically studied and solved especially by the computer program developed in this research. Results obtained were compared with those given by DEEP SOIL computer program. Such comparison showed the accuracy of the program developed in this study. Also in this part, the effects of geometrical and mechanical properties of soil layers and especially the impact of surcharge mass on transfer function are investigated using the current approach and the program developed. The efficiency and accuracy of the method developed here is shown through some worked examples and through comparison of the results obtained here with those given by other approaches. Discussions on the results obtained are presented throughout in this part.
Key Words
    seismic analysis; ground response; surcharge mass; layered soils; transfer function method
Department of Civil Engineering, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, P.O. BOX 76165, Iran.

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