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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 6, Number 5, May 2014, pages 455-467

The proper width of the intermittent trough for tunnel enlarging
Yi-Zhong Tan, Yuan-Xue Liu and Zhong-You Li

    As the traffic increased, the original capacity of the tunnel has been unable to meet the needs, so it must be expanded. Based on the features of tunnel, the intermittent trough method must be supposed for tunnel enlarging. Under the situation on the buried deep of the tunnel, it could be used the reasonable arch axis model to descript the past covered rock pressure for mechanism calculating of self-bearing arch. Then establish the three-arch combination effectible model for the analysis which is relied on the tunneling enlarging to Chongqing Yu-Zhou tunnel. It has determined the proper width for the intermittent trough in shallow buried tunnel enlarging.
Key Words
    tunnel enlarging; intermittent trough; arch effect; the reasonable arch axis; combination arches
(1) Yi-Zhong Tan, Yuan-Xue Liu and Zhong-You Li:
Department of Civil Engineering, Logistical Engineering University, Chongqing, China;
(2) Yi-Zhong Tan, Yuan-Xue Liu and Zhong-You Li:
Chongqing Key Laboratory of Geomechanics & Geoenvironmental Protection, Chongqing, China.

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