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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 37, Number 4, May25 2024 , pages 419-429

Effect of rate of strain on the strength parameters of clay soil stabilized with cement dust by product
Radhi M Alzubaidi, Kawkab Selman and Ayad Hussain

    The primary goal was to assess how the addition of cement dust, a byproduct known to be harmful, could be used to stabilize clay. Various percentages of cement dust were added to soil samples, which were then subjected to triaxial testing at different rates of strain using an unconsolidated undrained triaxial machine. Six different rates of strain were applied to analyze the response of the clay under different conditions, resulting in 216 triaxial sample tests. As the percentage of cement dust in the clay samples increased, there was a noticeable increase in the strength properties of the clay, indicating a positive effect of cement dust on the clay's strength characteristics. Higher rates of strain during testing led to increased strength properties of the clay. Varying cement dust content influenced the impact of increasing the rate of strain on the clay's strength properties. Higher cement dust content reduced the sensitivity of the clay to changes in strain rate, indicating that the clay became less responsive to changes in strain rate as cement dust content increased. Potential for Clay Stabilization Cement dust proved the potential to enhance the strength properties of clay, indicating its potential utility in clay stabilization applications. Both higher percentages of cement dust and higher rates of strain were found to increase the clay's strength. It's essential to consider both the percentage of cement dust and the rate of strain when assessing the strength properties of clay in practical applications.
Key Words
    cement dust; clay; rate of cement dust; rate of strain; undrained shear strength
Radhi M Alzubaidi: Department of Civil Engineering, University of Sharjah, UAE
Kawkab Selman: Formerly University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq
Ayad Hussain: Department of Construction and Building, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

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