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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 37, Number 3, May10 2024 , pages 253-262

Prediction of dynamic soil properties coupled with machine learning algorithms
Dae-Hong Min and Hyung-Koo Yoon

    Dynamic properties are pivotal in soil analysis, yet their experimental determination is hampered by complex methodologies and the need for costly equipment. This study aims to predict dynamic soil properties using static properties that are relatively easier to obtain, employing machine learning techniques. The static properties considered include soil cohesion, friction angle, water content, specific gravity, and compressional strength. In contrast, the dynamic properties of interest are the velocities of compressional and shear waves. Data for this study are sourced from 26 boreholes, as detailed in a geotechnical investigation report database, comprising a total of 130 data points. An importance analysis, grounded in the random forest algorithm, is conducted to evaluate the significance of each dynamic property. This analysis informs the prediction of dynamic properties, prioritizing those static properties identified as most influential. The efficacy of these predictions is quantified using the coefficient of determination, which indicated exceptionally high reliability, with values reaching 0.99 in both training and testing phases when all input properties are considered. The conventional method is used for predicting dynamic properties through Standard Penetration Test (SPT) and compared the outcomes with this technique. The error ratio has decreased by approximately 0.95, thereby validating its reliability. This research marks a significant advancement in the indirect estimation of the relationship between static and dynamic soil properties through the application of machine learning techniques.
Key Words
    deep neural network; dynamic soil property; important value; random forest; static soil property
Dae-Hong Min and Hyung-Koo Yoon: Department of Construction and Disaster Prevention Engineering, Daejeon University, Daejeon 34520, Republic of Korea

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