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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 32, Number 5, March10 2023 , pages 523-540

Comprehensive evaluating the stability of slope reinforced with free and fixed head piles
Xixi Xiong, Ying Fan, Jinzhe Wang and Pooya Heydari

    The failure of slope can cause remarkable damage to either human life or infrastructures. Stabilizing piles are widely utilized to reinforce slope as a slip-resistance structure. The workability of pile-stabilized slopes is affected by various parameters. In this study, the performance of earth slope reinforced with piles and the behavior of piles under static load, by shear reduction strength method using the finite difference software (𝐹𝐿𝐴𝐶3𝐷) has been investigated. Parametric studies were conducted to investigate the role of pile length (𝐿), different pile distances from each other (𝑆/𝐷), pile head conditions (free and fixed head condition), the effect of sand density (loose, medium, and high-density soil) on the pile behavior, and the performance of pile-stabilized slopes. The performance of the stabilized slopes was analyzed by evaluating the factor of safety, lateral displacement and bending moment of piles, and critical slip mechanism. The results depict that as L increased and 𝑆/𝐷 reduced, the performance of slopes stabilized with pile gets better by raising the soil density. The greater the amount of bending moment at the shallow depths of the pile in the fixed pile head indicates the effect of the inertial force due to the structure on the pile performance.
Key Words
    3D numerical analysis; free and fixed head pile; FLAC3D; pile-slope system; shear strength reduction method
Xixi Xiong, Ying Fan and Jinzhe Wang: College of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environment, Hubei University of Technology, Wuhan, Hubei Province 430068, China
Pooya Heydari: Department of Geotechnical engineering, Moghadas Ardabili Institute of Higher Education, Ardabil, Iran

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