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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 3, Number 3, September 2011, pages 233-254

Elasto-viscoplastic modeling of the consolidation of Sri Lankan peaty clay
Asiri Karunawardena, Fusao Oka and Sayuri Kimoto

    The consolidation behavior of Sri Lankan peaty clay is analyzed using an elasto-viscoplastic model. The model can describe the secondary compression behavior as a continuous process and it can also account for the effect of structural degradation on the consolidation analysis. The analysis takes into account all the main features involved in the process of peat consolidation, namely, finite strain, variable permeability, and the secondary compression. The material parameters required for the analysis and the procedures to evaluate them, using both standard laboratory and field tests, are explained. Initially, the model performance is assessed by comparing the predicted and the observed peat consolidation behavior under laboratory conditions. The results indicate that the model is capable of predicting the observed creep settlements and the effect of layer thickness on the settlement analysis of peaty clay. Then, the model is applied to predict the consolidation behavior of peaty clay under different field conditions. In this context, firstly, the one-dimensional field consolidation of peaty clay, brought about by the construction of compacted earth fill, is predicted. Then, the two-dimensional peat foundation response upon embankment loading is simulated. A good agreement is seen in the comparison of the predicted results with the field observations.
Key Words
    amorphous type peat; finite strain; structural degradation; elasto-viscoplastic consolidation analysis.
Asiri Karunawardena: National Building Research Organization, 99/1, Jawatte Road, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka
Fusao Oka and Sayuri Kimoto: Department of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering, Kyoto University, Kyotodaigaku-katsura 4, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto 615-8540, Japan

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