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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 29, Number 2, April25 2022 , pages 171-182

Evaluation of long term shaft resistance of the reused driven pile in clay
Jifei Cui, Pingping Rao, Jian Wu and Zhenkun Yang

    Reusing the used pile has not yet been implemented due to the unpredictability of the bearing capacity evolution. This paper presents an analytic approach to estimate the sides shear setup after the dissipation of pore pressure. Long-term evolution of adjacent soil is simulated by viscoelastic-plastic constitutive model. Then, an innovative concept of quasi-overconsolidation is proposed to estimate the strength changes of surrounding soil. Total stress method (a method) is employed to evaluate the long term bearing capacity. Measured data of test piles in Louisiana and semi-logarithmic time function are cited to validate the effectiveness of the presented method. Comparisons illustrate that the presented approach gives a reasonably prediction of the side shear setup. Both the presented method and experiment show the shaft resistance increase by 30%-50%, and this highlight the potential benefit of piles reutilization.
Key Words
    driven pile; long term; quasi-overconsolidation ; reuse; side shear setup
Jifei Cui, Pingping Rao, Jian Wu and Zhenkun Yang: Department of Civil Engineering, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai 200093, China

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