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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 28, Number 3, February10 2022 , pages 209-224

Near-explosion protection method of -section reinforced concrete beam
Qixin Sun and Chao Liu

    In this study, the numerical analysis model of t-beam explosion is established to compare and analyze the failure modes of the t-beam under the action of explosive loads, thus verifying the accuracy of the numerical model. Then, based on the numerical analysis of different protection forms of t beams under explosive loads, the peak pressure of t beam under different protection conditions, the law of structural energy consumption, the damage pattern of the t beam after protection, and the protection efficiency of different protective layers was studied. The testing results indicate that the pressure peak of t beam is relatively small under the combined protection of steel plate and aluminum foam, and the peak value of pressure decays quickly along the beam longitudinal. Besides, as the longitudinal distance increases, the pressure peak attenuates most heavily on the roof's explosion-facing surface. Meanwhile, the combined protective layer has a strong energy consumption capacity, the energy consumed accounts for 90% of the three parts of the t beam (concrete, steel, and protective layer). The damaged area of t beam is relatively small under the combined protection of steel plate and aluminum foam. We also calculate the protection efficiency of t beams under different protection conditions using the maximum spalling area of concrete. The results show that the protective efficiency of the combined protective layer is 45%, demonstrating a relatively good protective ability.
Key Words
    t-section concrete beam; explosion protection; failure mode; near-field explosion; pressure peak; protection efficiency
Qixin Sun and Chao Liu: Department of Bridge Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, 200092, P.R. China

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