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Geomechanics and Engineering
  Volume 27, Number 6, December25 2021 , pages 595-604

Comparative study on bearing characteristics of pervious concrete piles in silt and clay foundations
Jun Cai, Guangyin Du, Han Xia and Changshen Sun

    With the advantages of high permeability and strength, pervious concrete piles can be suitable for ground improvement with high water content and low bearing capacity. By comparing the strength and permeability of pervious concrete with different aggregate sizes (3-5 mm and 4-6 mm) and porosities (20%, 25%, 30% and 35%), the recommended aggregate size (3-5 mm) and porosity (30%) can be achieved. The model tests of the pervious concrete piles in soft soil (silt and clay) foundations were conducted to evaluate the bearing characteristics, results show that, for the higher consolidation efficiency of the silty foundation, the bearing capacity of the silty foundation is 16% higher, and the pile-soil stress ratio is smaller. But when it is the ultimate load for the piles, they will penetrate into the underlying layer, which reduces the pile-soil stress ratios. With higher skin friction of the pile in the silty foundation, the pile penetration is smaller, so the decrease of the pile axial force can be less. For the difference in consolidation efficiency, the skin friction of pile in silt is more affected by the effective stress of soil, while the skin friction of pile in clay is more affected by the lateral stress. When the load reaches 4400 N, the skin friction of the pile in the silty foundation is about 35% higher than that of the clay foundation.
Key Words
    bearing characteristic; clay foundation; model test; pervious concrete pile; silt foundation
Jun Cai and Han Xia: School of Transportation, Southeast University, Jiulong Lake Campus, P.R. China
Guangyin Du and Changshen Sun: Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Communications Planning, Design and Research, Westlake district, P.R. China

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